Market Report FAQ’s

Who are these people?

How do you know my buyers?

How are market sales calculated?

What information is included?

Why am I limited to 500 total records?

What can I do with these contacts?

What can’t I do with these contacts?

What is isiFederal Market Essentials?

What else can isiFederal do to get people to buy from me?

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Who are these people?  (back to top)

We researched your competition and are providing you with the most active federal buyers who are buying what you sell.  There is nothing more important than a highly focused target group as the basis of a proactive strategy.

How do you know my buyers?  (back to top)

Our proprietary research and market segmentation technology provides the necessary links between contract data, federal contacts and current providers – all in one place and prioritized by your market.  Best thing is, you know if we know yours, we know your competitors too!

How are market sales calculated?  (back to top)

Market sales are calculated over the timeframe provided (at the top right of the report) by DUNS number against reported sales by federal contracting personnel.  IMPORTANT: These sales figures are ALL federal sales – both GSA and non-GSA sales.

What information is included?   (back to top)

  • Name
  • Agency
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Total market spend
  • Primary competitor
  • Ranking within your industry

Why am I limited to 500 total records?  (back to top)

3 Reasons:

1)     We do not want to dilute access to these contacts by flooding the market. 

2)     500 new contacts is more than enough to test a “do it yourself” marketing campaign. To assist you in re-defining your approach we provide monthly “roundtables” to help you get moving on your proactive plan using these contacts.  They are only $99 per month and you can come and go as you please.

3)     We reserve the rest of the contacts for our proactive sales and marketing approach.  You can have all of the contacts relevant to your market through isiFederal’s exclusive “Market Essentials” research process. You can learn more about Market Essentials here:

What can I do with these contacts?  (back to top)

You can use the contacts for any kind of marketing you want – BUT BEFORE YOU DO… Let’s put first things first – people buy from people they like.  What you need to do is get them to like you.  You will not achieve this goal with bombarding them with emails and voice mails.  We recommend reaching out with simple, honest, short introductions that are respectful yet familiar, relevant and comfortable to them.  Don’t expect a $Million sale with your first conversation.  Instead of asking “what do you have for me”, learn what is important to them and ask what you can do to knock their socks off.  This will build the foundations of a great business relationship.

What can’t I do with these contacts?  (back to top)

The less people that have these contacts the better we all are so you cannot sell them.  The information you have is proprietary to our process (our secret sauce that helps you know who matter most to you).  Let’s keep the secret between us ok?

What is isiFederal Market Essentials?  (back to top)

Market Essentials is a comprehensive 5-year federal market assessment based on your company’s strengths and competitive niche.  (click here for a video overview) By incorporating best in class, proprietary market segmentation technology and processes, we look at the federal market using your competition (like GSA schedule, SIN, NAICS, PSCs, keywords), sequential feeders (what happens before someone buys from you), tangential feeders (other complementary purchases) and other market drivers (initiatives, public pressure, catastrophic events) that indicate an upcoming opportunity in your space – and the people that are responsible for making those purchases.

Market Essentials is completely customized for your company so you can clearly see the best direction to take.  It is, well, essential to your federal business development strategy and is used by small and large businesses to identify under the radar opportunities that NEVER hit FBO or GSA eBuy.

Market Essentials takes about 3 weeks to complete. Every dollar you spend can be applied to a comprehensive your isiFederal Market Essentials when you are ready to move to the next level in federal sales.

What else can isiFederal do to get people to buy from me?  (back to top)

isiFederal provides many marketing services to help you get in front of, and stay in front of key decision makers.  These services are customized to your specific needs and capabilities but here are a few to get an idea of how we operate:

Introductory email Blitz Campaign – People are 3 times more likely to respond positively to a referral.  isiFederal can provide those referrals and jump start your efforts. (Market Essentials Required)

Follow-up calls and meeting scheduling – One of the most arduous challenges of ANY sales process is the grunt work of making calls and scheduling meetings.  WE happen to be really good at this and can get you face to face and phone meetings so you can do what you do best – get them to like you! (Market Essentials Required)

Online Briefings – This process is a 3-4 week, multi-pronged, multi-touch marketing approach that gets your company in front of thousands of buyers and puts you in the position of subject matter expert.  Over the course of 3-4 weeks, your Market Essentials contacts are invited, reminded and personally followed up with so they remember who you are and what you do.  It is by far the most effective tool for identifying immediate and upcoming opportunities that never hit FBO or eBuy.  (Market Essentials Required)

Direct email campaigns – Primarily for products made available on GSAadvantage and/or DoD emall, isiFederal uses innovative email templates to drive your Market Essentials buyers and P-Card holders directly to your products.  (Market Essentials Required)

Training & Strategy – Our online and personal training can help your team effectively use your information to reach and influence the federal buying process. While Market Essentials is recommended, training ranges from $99 per month “roundtables” to multi-day on-site highly targeted strategy and tactics.  By purchasing any of the SIN contacts, you will be invited to participate in monthly roundtables.

Turn-Key Business Development & Representation – Somebody from your company MUST be in front of the federal buyers who buy what you sell.  The hallmark of isiFederal support is providing the dedicated professional representation in DC, Maryland and Virginia where we act as your sales force where government lives.  Far more cost effective and easier to manage than hiring your own staff, isiFederal handles the entire business development process for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring people for yourself.  For a comprehensive overview of these services, please contact us at 888-9-GET-isi. (Market Essentials Recommended)